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Decimals are important because people use them everyday in different situations, such as counting money, looking at price tags, reading an odometer and reviewing Olympic scores. The decimal system is a way to express large and small numbers by utilizing the decimal point.


Decimals are very important in daily life let us know a few of the reasons why they are so important:- 1.People say the weight of food using decimals like "give me 4.5 kilograms of flour". 2.It is ...


Only in the third example above is the dot actually being used as decimal point. The other examples are not decimal: for example the time after 1.59 is 2.00, whereas the two place decimal number after 1.59 is 1.60. Children sometimes are misled by the similarity with decimals to use calculators for time calculations.


This section deals with the concept of decimals in three important fields of our daily life. Everyday uses of Decimals. Dealing with decimal numbers is inevitable when dealing with money. In many situations when we have to convert paisa into rupee. Suppose we go to a local shop to buy 500 gm of turmeric, where, one kg of turmeric costs Rs 51.


Decimals are very important in daily life let us know a few of the reasons why they are so important:-1.People say the weight of food using decimals like "give me 4.5 kilograms of flour".


Each of the houses on Decimal Street represents a separate place value. This is reiterated in the Alpha level and again in Beta. Why is Place Value Important? From the opening story, you saw that place value has some impact on mathematical understanding, but how important is it?


Fractions and decimals are two different ways to represent parts of a whole number. Decimals are a way to express tenths, hundredths, thousandths and more, of a unit. Working with decimals may look a bit complex to start with but, don’t worry, they’re only numbers and they obey rules like other numbers.


Fractions are important because they tell you what portion of a whole you need.They are used in baking to tell how much of an ingredient to use. They are used in telling time,each minute is a fraction of an hour. We use decimals in every day life ...


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2. They make it easy to see how big a number is. If I asked you how big 227/95 was, you might not know right off. However, if I asked you how big 2.389 was you would know it is a little bigger than two. These are two important reasons why we need decimals. Hopefully as you study them more you will find more reasons on your own.