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Cutting down trees severely affects the habitats of forest-dwelling flora and fauna, which can eventually lead to extinction of vulnerable species. In addition to causing soil erosion, deforestation also results in larger amounts of greenhouse gases reaching the atmosphere because trees cannot absor


Leaves fall from trees because the tree begins to prepare itself for the winter season. Trees seal the spots where the leaves are attached, cutting off water to the leaves. The leaves then change color and fall from the tree.


Christmas trees were first used in the 1500s in Germany. The tradition of using evergreen trees as decorations for the Christmas holidays continued to gain in popularity through the 17th and 18th centuries in the Christian countries of the world.


People put stars on top of Christmas trees to symbolize the Star of Bethlehem. This star announced the birth of Jesus to the Wise Men.


Tropical trees include the tropical needle palm, Norfolk Island pine, royal poinciana and the sugar apple, or cherimoya. Additional species include the queen palm, bunya-bunya tree, Hong Kong orchid tree and Frangipani. Categories include tropical palm trees, tropical conifer trees, tropical floweri


Pine trees grow primarily in the Northern Hemisphere. Several species of pine have been artificially introduced to select temperate and subtropical regions in the Southern Hemisphere.


The cheese tree is so named not because it produces or even smells like cheese but because its round, red fruits resemble a round, red wax-wrapped wheel of cheese. This plant has a scientific name of Glochidion ferdinandi, and its natural habitat is localized to the eastern parts of Australia.


The official state tree of Pennsylvania is the eastern hemlock, one of many conifers or evergreen trees that adorn the state’s landscape and forests. Pennsylvania is home to many varieties of ash trees, maples, hickories, birches, elms and ornamental trees in its 17 million acres of forested land.


Coconut trees offer many uses, including forming houses and roofs, appearing in foods and beverages and landscaping. Coconut trees, like many other tree species, serve aesthetic and functional purposes. These trees grow in tropical and subtropical climates around the world, providing many uses as a


The Christmas tree is an instantly recognizable symbol of warmth and good cheer. While today Christmas trees are synonymous with the Christmas season, this hasn’t always been the case. The tradition of decorating the home with evergreen trees has transformed through time from a celebration of nature