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Get a wholesale pine straw quote or call us at (386) 935-6933. Our Pine Straw Product: Square Pine Straw Bales. Sold wholesale by the truckload direct from us, the pine straw producer. Is tied with string in 13"x14"x28" highly compressed bales. Contain over 3 cubic feet of pine straw each.


Premium Wholesale Pine Straw. As a wholesale supplier, we service many businesses in need of pine straw including landscapers, landscape supply, wholesale and retail nurseries, schools, garden centers, golf courses, apartments, condominiums, municipalities, and any other business in need of bulk pine straw.


678-458-2713. Located in Cumming, Georgia. Fast, friendly, dependable service Site by Fatdog Software, LLC.


Wholesale Pine Straw. Alachua Straw Company is one of the largest long leaf pine straw distributors in the southeast, with over 6,000 acres of long leaf pine plantations currently under management. Long leaf straw is for those customers that want the absolute best pine straw in their landscaping.


Highest Quality Wholesale Pine Straw. At Putnals Premium Pine Straw, we only use the highest quality pine straw harvested carefully by our crews.We gather our pine straw from groves of improved slash and long leaf pine trees, taking the time to remove all sticks, cones and debris by hand before we rake the pine straw and hand feed it into our balers.


Commercial Pine Straw offers wholesale prices on baled long-leaf pine needles to commercial landscapers, residential landscapers, retail garden centers, retail stores, municipalities and schools. Our North Carolina based fleet facilitates prompt delivery.


"Pine Straw" is the fresh, undecomposed fallen pine needles, auburn in color, consisting primarily of longleaf and slash pines, that are raked, baled, and removed from the forest floor for sale as landscaping mulch.


About Custom Pine Straw Buy direct from the producer: Custom Pine Straw has been a wholesale producer and vendor of pine straw sold by the truckload since 1997. We deliver to most states within the United States (see the list) and also offer backload (freight, backhauls, or return-load) services to and from Florida.


bulk wholesale pine straw: Nicholson Farms commercial division provides bulk loads of pine straw, wheat straw and other materials to landscapers, contractors, retail stores, fundraisers, developments, and homeowners associations.


Pine straw and Mulch sale, delivery, and installation. We specialize in wholesale pine straw supply. We offer pine straw sale by truck load to landscapers, builder, contractors, nurseries, counties, etc. Also, our slash and long leaf pine straw is available to be picked up or be delivered directly from our fields to help reduce the final cost.