Wholesale pecans are available at Nuts.com and NutsinBulk.com. Nuts.com hosts a selection of over 2,000 products that include raw pecans, pecans in the shell, roasted, glazed and chopped nuts, as of 2015. More »

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The Oklahoma Pecan Growers' Association, incorporated in 1927 lists approximately 400 pecan growers as members of the association. The majority of groves are located in the southern and eastern areas of the state. More »

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As of 2016, Howland Pecan Company, Jackson Bros. Feed & Seed and Pecan Tree Partners Midland are among the pecan buyers in Texas. Additional buyers include the Bay Pecan Company in Gatesville and 38 Pecans in Lockhart. S... More »

Wholesale nuts are available for purchase at Nuts.com and NutsinBulk.com. Nuts.com features more than 2,000 different items with a huge variety of nuts that are roasted and shipped the same day. The site’s inventory incl... More »

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Buyers for pecans can place commercial orders through Louisville Pecan Company, Nuts.com and Houston Pecan Company. Bulk orders at all three require a minimum order of 1 pound, with bags ranging in size from 1 to 5 pound... More »

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Some nationwide sources of bagel dogs are Einstein Bros. Bagels restaurants, Schwan's home grocery delivery service and the many grocery stores that sell Nathan's Famous products. Bagel dogs are also popular offerings at... More »

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Harissa paste can be purchased online from a variety of sources such as Amazon.com or igourmet.com. Ethnic grocery stores or large chains such as Whole Foods may also carry harissa paste or spice blends. More »