Wholesale The North Face jackets are only available through The North Face. The company has an established procedure for becoming an authorized dealer of The North Face products. Potential dealers must apply to The North... More »

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Clean a North Face Gore-Tex jacket using a washing machine with mild laundry detergent, then machine-dry the jacket. However, you must take a North Face down jacket to a specialist in cleaning down. If a local specialist... More »

Inspecting the fine details of a North Face Denali jacket, such as the logo, the inner tag and the outer tag, will help identify if it is an authentic product. The price of the jacket is also a strong indicator as to the... More »

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One can tell the difference between real and fake North Face clothing because counterfeit jackets often have flaws on the tags, the garment's construction and the packaging. North Face is known for its high-quality jacke... More »

Many stores sell North Face products on clearance; Moosejaw, Back Country and the North Face website are three prominent examples which offer periodic sales and promotions to sell North Face garments and accessories. The... More »

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Popular vest patterns for women include the Nano Puff vest by Patagonia and the Roamer vest by The North Face, both of which are designed to be worn outside. Popular women's vest patterns designed to be worn indoors are ... More »

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Clothes made from cotton include sweaters, jackets, socks, shirts, dresses and sleepwear. Cotton is commonly used in making clothes because it is soft and comfortable to wear. More »