Finding reliable wholesale suppliers requires careful research, and suppliers are found online, at trade shows, trade publications and through business referrals. Never buy wholesale goods before comparing prices, becaus... More »

Wholesale Liquidators is the brand name of several retail companies that sell discounted merchandise. Products available at these retailers are sourced from a variety of different places and usually were on the shelf at ... More »

Find pallets of closeout merchandise using the product search engine or the Product Locator Service, which sends user requests to suppliers., an online wholesale directory, provi... More »

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The canal system in the city of Venice, Italy, was built to facilitate transportation of goods in and out of the city as early as 400 A.D. By the 10th century, Venice was a popular trade port, and its canal systems were ... More »

Local refurbished stores can be found in online business directories, by contacting desired product manufacturers or at well-known refurbished product sellers such as Best Buy, Apple and Gamestop. Outside of electronics,... More »

Ways to find companies looking for distributors include joining online associations, attending trade shows, reading trade magazines and contacting brand manufacturers. Questions to ask a supplier include those regarding ... More »