Find pallets of closeout merchandise using the product search engine or the Product Locator Service, which sends user requests to suppliers., an online wholesale directory, provi... More »

Wholesale pallets are available for sale through websites such as H&J Liquidators and Closeouts, Merchandize Liquidators and All Prime Products. Items found on wholesale pallets include clothing, jewelry, home goods, bea... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials

H & J Liquidators and Closeouts, Inc., Rock Bottom Deals, Wholesale America and Merchandize Liquidators are companies that sell merchandise from closeouts and overstocks., an online wholesale directo... More » Business & Finance Household Budgets Coupons & Sales
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A warehouse sale is a retail sales event in which a seller discounts merchandise left over from the previous season. Items are often significantly discounted at a warehouse sale. For example, Barneys Warehouse Sales ofte... More »

Purchase wholesale items online by visiting whole specialty sites such as, or, as well as auction sites such as, as of 2015. Each site offers a variety of products... More »

Wood pellet suppliers often look to buy used pallets, and some even offer pickup services. Mike's Pallets, for example, buys pallets and offers pickup service in the New York City area. More »

Online retailers that sell wholesale pallets include HJ Liquidators Closeouts Inc., Merchandize Liquidators and Warehouse One. Wholesale pallet retailers sell a variety of items in large pallet lots, including clothing, ... More »