Some wholesale hair products include color and bleach, extensions, care and styling, ethic hair care, brushes and combs, scissors and razors, and other accessories. Wholesale hair products are typically available only to... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Based on an Internet search in August 2014, wholesale feather hair extensions are available online from retailers such as Alibaba, Etsy and Amazon. Prices range from $1.04 per extension to $144 for bulk packs of 160 exte... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Wigs & Weaves

Hair extensions are blended with natural hair to add fullness and length. Hair extensions can be installed using various methods, including sew-in, tape-in and fusion. Installation and maintenance costs vary among differ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Raven, or deep black, hair can be enhanced and protected by using color enhancing shampoos and styling products. Natural dyes and similar hair treatments can also be used to intensify raven hair. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Rubbing a dryer sheet along combs and brushes or rubbing the dryer sheet on the hair can get rid of static. Additional remedies include rubbing hand lotion on the hair. More »

To avoid damaging floor-length hair, use only seamless hair accessories, combs and hairbrushes, and moisturize with lots of conditioner and leave-in serums. Avoid washing floor-length hair daily, as this dries it out. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

A person can stop hair breakage by not using towels when drying the hair, using boar-bristle brushes, not using rubber-based accessories on the hair, and blow drying without using the heat setting. Satin or silk pillowca... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair