Whole Foods offers its customers a wide range of cakes in its bakeries. Customers can also place special orders for cakes in their favorite flavors. Whole Foods' special order cakes come in three sizes and serve up to 80... More » Food Grocery

Food ideas and recipes for brunch are available from websites such as and, while already prepared brunch foods are available from some local restaurants, catering companies and retaile... More » Food Cooking

The Real Canadian Superstore carries an assortment of grocery, wellness and home products, including fresh meats and produce, pet foods, small kitchen appliances, bath towels and fresh baked goods from the in-store baker... More » Food Grocery
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Publix sells decorated cakes for birthdays, weddings, graduations and religious ceremonies in its bakery, and available characters include Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Street, as of 2016. Other options for ch... More » Food Grocery

Safeway sells a variety of birthday cakes in its bakery department. Customers interested in purchasing a birthday cake from Safeway can view current available options online at the cake catalog, located on the company's ... More » Food Grocery

The best way to order decorated cakes from Wal-Mart is to visit the local Wal-Mart bakery, but most stores also accept orders by telephone. Customers can download and print a bakery order form from the Wal-Mart website a... More » Food Grocery

Publix bakery sells birthday cakes, graduation cakes, cakes for sports and holidays, baby cakes, cakes for religious occasions and themed cakes, such as Barbie, Sesame Street and more. Publix bakery offers generic cakes ... More » Food Grocery