The Persian War was won by Greece. The war was fought in two different stages and lasted from 490 B.C. to 479 B.C. Both stages saw the Athenians and Greek allies fend off the Persians by land and by sea. More »

A barrier grew between the Near East and Greece, as a result of the Persian Wars. It took until the middle of the following century to break the barrier. More »

The Trojan War was won by the Greeks after a 10-year long battle. The decisive turn in the war was the charge led by Odysseus from the Trojan Horse. More »

Located at the southeastern portion of Europe, Ancient Greece, which is in the same place as modern-day Greece, was and is the most southern country of the Balkan Peninsula. Ancient Greece dated back to the 8th century B... More »

Greece is famous for many different reasons, including its historical sites, being the birthplace of democracy, the Olympic Games and famous Greek philosophers, leaders, poets and scientists. Some of the most famous hist... More »

The life of Euclid is not well documented, but it is known that he lived in Athens, Greece for a time. He is also known to have taught in Alexandria, Egypt. More »

The culture of ancient Greece produced many accomplishments, such as art that remains among the world's finest, the first valid approaches to science, the first works of literature that remain in the canon of classics an... More »