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Who Wins in a Hippo Versus Elephant Fight? In a fight between the elephant and a hippopotamus, the elephant emerges as the winner. The elephant is bigger and stronger, while the hippopotamus is slower and does not have the same reach as an elephant.


HIPPO WINS ALMOST EVERY BATTLE, HERES WHY The largest White Rhinoceros tipped the scale at around 10,000 pounds, the largest Hippo ever recorded weighed around 9,900 pounds and was 45 year old male. The size between a Hippo is barely a difference,...


African Elephant vs. Hippo (self.whowouldwin) ... I have a friend who is convinced a Hippocratic is the deadliest animal and would win in a fight. Well a hippo is classified as the most dangerous animal in Africa to humans because it kills more people than any other animal but isn't exactly dangerous to an elephant. Well relative to a human


In a fight between a hippo and a rhino, the rhino would win. The rhino can run at faster speeds and weighs more than the hippo. In addition, the rhino has a sharp horn to defend itself, while the hippo only has teeth. The winner of this fight can be determined by comparing the characteristics of the average male rhino and hippo.


Hippo vs. Elephant: Giants Face Off. ... “There is an island on the middle of the Chobe River to which this elephant had crossed. The hippo was not happy about it and was apparently defending its territory,” said photographer Nicole Cambre, a 43-year-old lawyer from Brussels who captured this scene while visiting Botswana in August ...


Many people want to compare hippopotamus vs rhinoceros fight, who going to win. Go further to know comparison, difference, and similarity between Hippo vs Rhino facts and characteristics.


Who would win a fight between a elephant and hippo? ... The hippo would definitely win this fight because a hippo has a larger body with thick skin and a huge jaw that can crush the black bear to ...


Animal Fight Night features same-species battles between some of the biggest and baddest fighters of the animal kingdom, and some of the most surprising, revealing the extraordinary motivations ...


An adult elephant vs. a Hippopotamus, who will win? ... I would win. I would ride the elephant into battle, kill the hippo and then strangle the elephant with its own trunk. ... of course the hippo would the elephant would never fight and kill anything a hippo will attack anything that gets in the way of the water. plus they are one of few ...