The Whirlpool Corporation produces a wide range of different appliances, including dishwashers, clothes washers, dryers, kitchen ranges and refrigerators. In addition, they also produce microwaves, kitchen hoods, trash c... More » Home & Garden Appliances

Whirlpool manufactures their own, as well as many other, brand-name appliances. Whirlpool has 69,000 employees and more than 70 manufacturing and technology research facilities worldwide. More »

Whirlpool is an American multinational manufacturer that makes home appliances in the United States in locations such as Amana, Iowa; Cleveland, Tenn.; Tulsa, Okla.; and five in Ohio: Ottawa, Marion, Greenville, Findlay ... More »

Sears carries Whirlpool replacement parts for many Whirlpool appliances, including Whirlpool dishwashers, washers, dryers, freezers and refrigerators. These parts are available from Sears' website, Sears Parts Direct. More » Home & Garden Appliances

Bosch sells dishwashers, large cooking appliances, small appliances, refrigerators and washers and dryers. Ventilation products, such as hoods, are also made and sold by the company. More » Home & Garden Appliances

Some types of items sold by appliance stores include refrigerators, washers and dryers, cooking appliances and dishwashers. Appliance stores may also sell smaller appliances, as well as replacement parts and additional a... More » Home & Garden Appliances

According to Reliable Appliances, following basic repair guidelines for refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and microwaves often fixes problems with these appliances. By using basic troubleshooting tips,... More » Home & Garden Appliances