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Riken Raptor tires belong to Michelin, one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world. Tire brands include Riken HR Raptor, Riken VR Raptor and Riken ZR Raptor. Riken Gomu was a Japanese company started in 1917. It specialized in physical science and chemical research but later ventured into tire manufacturing.


The Riken series include Riken HR Raptor, Riken VR Raptor and Riken ZR Raptor versions. The tires in this series have great looks as well as great performance to their credit. The excellent tread pattern and advanced components used in the tread gives this series good grip in all weather conditions.


The Riken Raptor HR (Riken is a subsidiary of Michelin) has been designed with an H-speed rating to go with a budget friendly price. The all-season computerized tread design uses a high-tech tread compound and directional pattern to give this model improved grip on both dry and wet road surfaces.


The Raptor ZR is RIKEN's Ultra High Performance Summer tire developed for the drivers of sporty coupes and sport sedans looking to combine responsive steering and performance-focused handling in an attractive package. However, like all Ultra High Performance Summer tires, the Raptor ZR is not...


Best Answer: Gateway-Riken Tires PTE LTD 322 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim 629151 Singapore Not the decent tire, dude. About the poorest quality tire on the market. Don't go there. There are too many good quality budget brands. Take a look at General, Hankook, Kumho, etc, before you waste your hard earned cash on a ...


Riken Gomu Industries, based in Japan, originally manufactured the Riken tire brand, but in 1992 they were acquired by Michelin's Japanese subsidiary. In 1991, Michelin created the Michelin Okamoto Tire Corporation, a joint venture with Okamoto Industries Inc. Michelin became the first European tire company to have production facilities in Japan.

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Riken Raptor found in: Riken Raptor ZR A/S 255/50-17 Tire, Riken Raptor ZR A/S 205/55-16 RF Tire, Riken Raptor HR 215/60-14 Tire, Riken Raptor ZR 215..


Riken tires provide looks and performance at an affordable price. These tires feature tread compounds and advanced tread patterns that generate tight grip on wet and dry surfaces, and they have a nylon overlay that helps maintain tire shape at all speeds.


Michelin North America Inc. has introduced a new line of ultra-high performance tires -- the Riken Raptor ZR. Twenty-seven sizes of the Riken Raptor ZR line are now available for the company's Alliance dealers in eight 16-inch, 12 17-inch and seven 18-inch sizes.


The company later diversified into the tire industry, and has been exporting tires to the U.S. and European markets since 1979. RIKEN has been a subsidiary of the Michelin Group since 1992. Tire Rack carries the RIKEN Raptor line of performance and touring all-season tires for passenger cars and small crossovers.