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The Prime Minister of New Zealand (Māori: Te Pirimia o Aotearoa) is the head of government of New Zealand. The incumbent Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, leader of the New Zealand Labour Party, took office on 26 October 2017. The Prime Minister (informally abbreviated to PM) ranks as the most senior government minister.


New Zealand does not have a president. The country is a constitutional monarchy with the reigning monarch of Great Britain as the head of state.


New Zealand does not have a president; the country is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. As it is not a republic, it has a Monarch and Prime Minister rather than a President.


The Prime Minister of New Zealand is the head of government of New Zealand, and the leader of the Cabinet of New Zealand, with various powers and responsibilities defined by convention.Officially, the prime minister is appointed by the governor-general of New Zealand, but by convention, the prime minister must have the confidence of the elected New Zealand House of Representatives.


President of New Zealand August 16, 2018 · As te representative of te people of Aotearoa, it is clear that te use of 1080 poison is no more than a corporate stitch up.


Best Answer: New Zealand doesn't have a president like most other countries do. New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state and is titled Queen of New Zealand under the Royal Titles Act 1974.


President Michael D Higgins will become the first head of state to meet New Zealand’s new prime minister-elect Jacinda Ardern on Tuesday when he visits the country on a State visit.


Helen Clark was elected Prime Minister of New Zealand on 27 November 1999. Her rise to the top of New Zealand politics is the culmination of almost thirty years of involvement with the Labour Party, and the latest chapter in a remarkable story which began in New Zealand’s provincial, conservative heartland.


New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, has announced she is pregnant with her first child. Ardern, who was sworn in to office in October, said in a Facebook post that she and her partner ...


There is no “president” in New Zealand because we have a parliamentary system of government. One does not vote directly for the head of the government, one votes for a local representative and the leader of the party that has the most representatives elected becomes the Prime (most important) Minister (elected member of Parliament).