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Scott Westerfield is one of my favorite YA authors, and he doesn't disappoint in the least here. Leviathan is a fantastic adventure in an alternate past where Britain employs marvelously crafted beast-machines created by smooshing the best bits of nature together and Germany (and Austria) battles with flying and walking machines of war awesome enough to fulfill any steampunk fantasy.


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What does Leviathan mean in Urban Dictionary?: Leviathan may be the highest level a person can reach. It can take influence from Thomas Hobbes principle of the condition of nature and exactly how we must…


I am probably one of the rare women who enjoy exciting military dramas. I have read JOAQUIN DE TORRES' first two novels and was completely amazed by his great skill in verbiage, pacing and sensitivity. "LEVIATHAN" does not disappoint in the least! As with his first two books, I was drawn in immediately by his opening scene of chapter one.


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The Nobel laureate gives an inclusive and humane concept of justice in his book, \'The Idea of Justice\'.