The Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama was the first European to discover India. He accomplished this by establishing the sea route from Europe to India, which was previously unknown. More »

Generally, black soil is found in the central, western and southern states of India. According Britannica, black soil is found 28 Indian states including: isolated parts of Ghat, the Malabar Coastal plains, Ratnagiri of ... More »

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the Himalayan mountains are directly north of the Indian subcontinent, separating it from the Plateau of Tibet. The Himalayas are known for including the world's highest peak, M... More »

Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama is credited with discovering the country India. The explorer sailed from Lisbon, Portugal, in 1497, arriving in Calicut, India, in May 1498. More »

Vasco de Gama, a Portuguese explorer, was the first European to sail to India. He succeeded where Christopher Columbus had failed, establishing a profitable link of sea trade. His two voyages to India were instrumental i... More »

Vasco da Gama, a Portugese explorer, sailed to India. He landed in Calicut on May 20, 1498. He was the first person to reach India from Europe by sea, and charted the first ocean route between Asia and Europe. His discov... More »

India is famous for being one of the most ancient civilization centers of the world. Second, India is renowned worldwide for its many gods and their rich history and influence on life, even in modern times. Third, the sc... More »