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Richard Altmann is often credited with the discovery of mitochondria in 1890, but its discovery was due to the work of several scientists. The word "mitochondria" was first used in 1898, by Carl Benda. At first nobody was sure what it was, until Leonor Michaelis proved it was a part of the cell..


Harvesting the mitochondria from liver would greatly aid the scientists who discovered mitochondria’s different functions. In 1950, Eugene Kennedy and Albert Lehninger were able to prove the occurrence of oxidation within the organelles.


Robert Altmann discovered mitochondria in 1886, thinking that he was seeing parasites. Altmann called his discovery "bioblasts" and posited that they were found in almost all cells.


We cannot give the credit of “who discovered the mitochondria (singular: mitochondrion)” to just a single person because the discovery of the organelle is through a gradual process (spanning more than a century and a half) and involves the contributions of many scientists. There were those who studied its structure


Eugene Kennedy and Albert Lehninger discovered in 1948 that mitochondria are the site of oxidative phosphorylation in eukaryotes. Over time, the fractionation method was further developed, improving the quality of the mitochondria isolated, and other elements of cell respiration were determined to occur in the mitochondria.


Who discovered mitochondria? The Swiss anatomist Albert von Kölliker (1817-1905) initially studied mitochondria in muscle in 1857, while studying cells microscopically.


Well, there is no single answer to this question, since the discovery and identification of mitochondria was a gradual process. The discovery of mitochondria is not accredited to a single scientist as such, but is accredited to several people who contributed to its identification, and study of structures and functions.


Mitochondria are pretty small organelles not resolved under ordinary light microscopes. No wonder their discovery came later as compared to nucleus and chloroplasts. In 1890, a German scientist named Richard Altmann developed used acid-fuchsin ...


Who discovered the mitochondria? There were many scientists who contributed to the discovery of the mitochondria organelle, and of the mitochondria structure. Scientists such as Kölliker, Altman and Benda first identified the existence of the organelle. Warburg, Keilin, Fiske and Subbarow made major breakthroughs on mitochondria's association with cellular respiration and ATP.


Mitochondrial DNA was discovered in the 1960s by Margit M. K. Nass and Sylvan Nass by electron microscopy as DNase-sensitive threads inside mitochondria, and by Ellen Haslbrunner, Hans Tuppy and Gottfried Schatz by biochemical assays on highly purified mitochondrial fractions. Mitochondrial sequence databases