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Since 1908, McNess Products such as McNess Krestol Salve, now called McNess Krestol Eucalyptus Gel (similar to Rawleigh antiseptic salve-type), have been best sellers. McNess Mentholated Ointment, now called McNess Mentholated Camphor Rub (similar to Rawleighs medicated ointment-type) may offer congestion relief.


Time tested products, known by millions worldwide. Explore our complete line of Rawleigh Products including home remedies, flavorings, spices, foods and home products. Just scroll down the page to see all the Rawleigh Products still being produced and sold in the US, Canada and UK.


There are hundreds of Rawleigh's Independent Distributors all across Australia and New Zealand. They are local people ready to help you with advice or supplying Rawleigh's products.


Rawleigh Propolis Salve - 2 oz. jar & .15oz Stick, Rawleigh Propolis Salve with Vitamin E is a unique ointment that contains healing vitamin E, propolis and natural antiseptic extracts in a nutrient-rich base of wheat germ and safflower seed oil. It helps to smooth and heal dry, cracked and damaged skin.


William Thomas Rawleigh (December 3, 1870 – January 23, 1951) was a businessman and politician in the state of Illinois


Home of Rawleigh-Canada Supplying Canada, USA and Europe since 1980. The Rawleigh tradition which began in 1889 continues! Millions of satisfied customers world wide! Outstanding products and superior service! Time-tested Products that really work !


Rawleigh Black Pepper, 8oz. - Hands down, Rawleigh Black Pepper is the best tasting pepper in the world. Our special method of granulation allows fewer oil cells to be crushed or broken, producing a pure and fragrant sneeze-less pepper.


Super special combo deal - get both tins (medicated ointment and antiseptic salve) for $35. Note the antiseptic salve has a best before date of 11/18, for those of you that have used this product you will know it lasts a very long time.


The WT Rawleigh Blog. The W.T. Rawleigh Company has been a friend of the family since 1889 and today customers around the world continue to rely on our quality products, excellent service, and the exceptional ideals and principles on which the company was founded.


Rawleigh focused on manufacturing medicinal products and non-medicinal products that had health-promoting qualities. The importance of scientifically tested — and therefore healthy — products was a hallmark of the Rawleigh’s brand, together with an approach of “try before you buy.”