According to WebMD, the causes of blisters or ulcers on the tongue are not always known, but they can be due to stress or injury. Other causes include a sharp tooth or ill-fitting dental appliances. More » Health Dental

Mouth blisters or sores are small, red cuts or ulcers that appear on the insides of the lips, on gums or under the tongue. The sores, which may have white patches in the middle, are painful and take two to four weeks to ... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Skin Conditions

Having blisters under the tongue can be a symptom of multiple causes, according to WebMD. Since some tongue problems can be dangerous when left untreated, if the blisters remain after one to two weeks, it's best to see a... More »

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Things that can cause blisters to form on the gums include stress, poor dental health and hormone changes, according to the National Institute of Health. Other causes include lack of vitamins or minerals. More » Health Dental

According to HealthGuidance, causes of black spots under the tongue include tongue piercings, hyper-pigmentation, excessive smoking and drinking, and oral cancer. Some of the causes are harmless, while others require med... More »

Some possible causes of bleeding gums include exerting too much pressure when brushing, poor flossing technique, infections, tooth implants, hormonal changes especially when a woman is expectant, scurvy, leukemia, the us... More » Health Dental

Causes for pain under the toes include arthritis, injury from walking, cuts or scrapes, blisters, corns and calluses and infections, according to MedicineNet. Morton's neuroma also leads to toe pain. More » Health Pain & Symptoms