An online white pages phone directory specifically for residences in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is at Another site,, has a search engine that lists phone numbers for residences and businesses in Nor... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Individuals can request a residential directory on the YellowPages website, The company ceased delivery of the print version of its residential directory in most major Canadian cities in 2010, including T... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Residential directories, or white pages, are available throughout Canada as of 2015. Individuals can access them from multiple online sources as well as in print. More »

Phone directories encompassing the Calgary, Alberta area are available through a number of online resources such as and Users may search these websites using a person's first and last name alo... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Calgary business directories are delivered to all addresses, and residential telephone directories are available by request through Yellow Pages Group Distribution Services. Delivery preferences for both residential and ... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Mayoral candidates in the 2013 election in Calgary, Alberta, included Naheed Nenshi, Larry Heather, Sandra Hunter, Jon Lord and Bruce Jackman. Other candidates included Milan Papez Sr., Norm Perrault, Jonathan Sunstrum a... More » Government & Politics Politics Elections

As of 2015, there are various used car dealerships that are located in the Calgary, Alberta, area. These include House of Cars, Automaxx, Calgary Used Car Sales, GSL City and the Calgary Auto Mall. In addition to used ca... More » Vehicles Buying & Selling