White sores on the gums may be canker sores, which are caused by trauma to the affected area, fatigue, stress, spicy foods, food allergies or nutritional deficiencies, explains Delta Dental. Another potential cause is or... More » Health Dental

A small white bump on a person's gum is most often due to an injury of the gum or is a canker sore; however, in rare cases the bump could be due to an abscess in the area or oral cancer, according to MedicineNet. Since t... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

There are two main causes for gums to turn gray, including trench mouth and leukoplakia. When people have trench mouth, they develop a gray film on their gums and may experience a bad taste in their mouths. Leukoplakia i... More » Health Dental
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The cause of tiny white mouth sores, also known as mouth ulcers or canker sores, is unknown, but tissue injury and stress are likely causes, and acidic and citrus fruits and vegetables exacerbate the condition, according... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Possible causes of lumps on the gums include canker sores, oral herpes, oral cancer, salivary duct obstruction, acute sinusitis, esophagitis and pemphigus, according to WebMD. Lumps on the gums may also be harmless mucoc... More » Health Dental

Things that can cause blisters to form on the gums include stress, poor dental health and hormone changes, according to the National Institute of Health. Other causes include lack of vitamins or minerals. More » Health Dental

Healthline says that biting the tongue can lead to white sores, and canker sores are also white sores that occur for no apparent reason. According to WebMD, there are several causes for white spots on the tongue: leukopl... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Wounds & Bruises