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COMEX, the New York futures market for gold and other precious metals, is listed on many business and financial websites, including CNN Money, Bloomberg and NASDAQ. Since gold is a commodity future, it can be followed on most sites that track the stock market.


Factors that influence the price of gold are inflation, supply and demand, global crisis, interest rates, and the value of the American dollar. The jewelry industry also plays a major role in influencing the price of gold around the globe, explains Scottsdale Bullion an...


To clean white gold, soak it in a solution of mild dish soap and warm water, and scrub off dirt with a paste of baking soda. Rinse the gold with clean water, and buff it with a microfiber towel.


The price of gold does not affect the price of silver. Simple values of supply and demand are all that govern the price of silver. Unlike most other precious metals, the demand for silver is not volatile.


The price of silver and gold is determined by the current spot price per troy ounce set by the world’s major markets. Due to the forces of the international market, this spot price fluctuates throughout the day whenever the market is open and freezes once it closes.


Silver is a pure metallic element, and white gold is an alloy created by combining gold and a white metal. Common metals used in the creation of white gold include nickel and palladium.


As of 2015, The London Gold Market Fixing Ltd. sets the current price of gold. This is a twice daily occurrence, except for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, when it occurs in the morning only.