A silver German shepherd is a purebred German shepherd that has a silver or gray color to its coat. Silver is considered an acceptable coat color by the American Kennel Club. More »

A red sable German shepherd is a German shepherd with a light red undercoat. Each hair has a black tip, and the rest of the hair is red. The dog may appear black, grey or tan from a distance. More »

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The Belgian Malinois is an entirely different breed of dog than the German Shepherd, but they are sometimes thought to be the same because of their similar appearances. Malinois and German Shepherds have a number of diff... More »

Blue merle is one of the accepted breed standard coat color patterns for Australian Shepherds. Merle coats feature patches of colors in the fur and differences in eye color, and the gene can also affect how the skin itse... More »

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Silver Labrador retrievers are just a different coat color than other dogs of the breed, and are no better or worse in terms of health or performance. As of 2015, many fans of Labrador retrievers oppose the breeding of s... More »

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A short-haired Australian Shepherd is a type of dog breed characterized by a shorter, water-resistant and multicolored coat. Some short-haired Australian Shepherds may have light or multicolored eyes as well. More »

A brindle German shepherd is a German shepherd dog with a brindle coat. Brindle is a coat pattern in dogs that's made up of light streaks of color on a darker background of the same hue. Brindle is a very rare coat patte... More »