White chocolate does not contain caffeine. When making white chocolate, the solid portions of the cocoa bean are not used. This is where caffeine is found. More »

Cappuccino has caffeine. Even decaffeinated cappuccino might contain caffeine. Since cappuccino is made with espresso, the amount of caffeine also depends on how many shots of espresso were used and how large the shots w... More »

Dogs cannot have chocolate because it can cause them to be sick and can even be fatal. Chocolate is one of the main causes of poisoning in dogs. Many people tend to feed dogs chocolate without knowing the dire consequenc... More »

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White vinegar has a variety of benefits for personal health, cooking, cleaning and even weed control. In addition to having multiple uses, white vinegar is also typically a green, Earth-friendly product. According to the... More »

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White vinegar has excellent disinfectant properties due to its pH of 2.0. This allows it to kill bacteria and viruses. Vinegar's high acidity level also allows it to loosen mineral deposits, and this property is effectiv... More »

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White chocolate is typically a mixture of cocoa butter, sugar, varied milk products and vanilla. It also usually contains lecithin, a lipid found in vegetables. White chocolate is commonly not considered true chocolate b... More »

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White chocolate Chex party mix calls for the corn Chex and toasted oat cereal to be mixed with pretzels, peanuts and candy-coated milk chocolate pieces. This mix is drizzled with melted white chocolate. More »

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