Several kinds of wild birds lay white eggs. They include the ostrich, the ruby-throated hummingbird, the white-tailed hawk, Harris' hawk and the kingfisher. Interestingly, two of the birds that lay white eggs are the lar... More »

The bee humingbird lays the smallest eggs of any bird on Earth. According to the Guiness Book of World Records, the bee humingbird lays eggs that are 0.275 inches long and weigh only 0.0009 ounces. More »

Female birds turn the end of the oviduct inside-out to lay an egg and allow the egg to emerge. A bird currently laying an egg can be identified by a rhythmic moving and opening and closing of the bill, though time varies... More » Science Biology Zoology

Three comprehensive online sources for identifying wild birds include All About Birds, and the National Audubon Society. All three have a function where users can search birds by shape and other features and... More » Pets & Animals Birds

Free audio of wild birds can be found at eNature, as well as at the Macaulay Library website. At both sites, you can listen online for free; however, you must pay to download the Library's files, and eNature requires use... More » Pets & Animals Birds

A person knows when a bird egg is going to hatch because the incubation period is up; this is the period of time it takes for eggs to develop while being kept at a steady, warm temperature. Incubation periods differ betw... More »

The eastern bluebird lays the smallest blue egg – approximately 4/5 of an inch – of all the songbirds that lay blue eggs. The eggs of western and mountain bluebirds are slightly larger than the eastern bluebirds, but sma... More » Pets & Animals Birds