The two countries with square flags are Switzerland and the Vatican. However, the Swiss flag can be seen at the Olympic games with a 2:3 rectangular proportion that matches the other country's flags. More »

Countries that do not have a rectangular flag are Nepal, Switzerland and Vatican City. These flags are square, save Nepal's. It is a double pennon, or a flag in the shape of two triangles. More »

The American flag is flown at half-mast, sometimes referred to as half-staff, to commemorate the deaths of government figures, members of the armed forces and other distinguished citizens or groups of citizens. By federa... More » World View Symbolism

A flag, whether it is the US flag or a state flag, is generally flown at half mask to indicate that someone of importance has died. In general, it is the President of the United States who orders the US flag to be flown ... More » World View Symbolism

Flags are often flown at half-staff during times of mourning over the loss of a significant figure or to commemorate a significant anniversary. The length of time that a flag is at half-staff depends on the significance ... More » World View Symbolism

The flags of the Twelve Tribes of Israel were signs used to identify each leading prince. It is suggested in Numbers II:7 that these 12 flags were the precursor to the national flags that survive today. Each of the flags... More »

Countries with national flags that are green, white and red include Algeria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Burundi, Hungary and Iran. Other countries with green, white and red national flags are Italy, Lebanon, Madagascar, Maldives... More »