According to Good Housekeeping, brands of toilet paper that dissolve especially quickly include Scott 1000 one-ply, Target Up & Up two-ply, Seventh Generation two-ply, Scott Naturals two-ply and White Cloud Ultra three-p... More »

Toilet paper dissolves as water weakens bonds between its cellulose fibers. Toilet paper is made with short wood fibers with weak bonds that break apart easily when saturated with water. More »

Both Good Housekeeping and Consumer Reports rate White Cloud 3-Ply Ultra and Quilted Northern Plush at the top of their lists. Wal-Mart's Great Value Ultra Strong ranked third on the 2013 test by Consumer Reports, while ... More »

The softest toilet paper on the market is Quilted Northern Ultra Plush, according to the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. It was also rated as one of the strongest toilet papers. More »

The major brands of toilet paper in the United States include Scott, Charmin, Quilted Northern and Cottonelle. Some large retailers such as Target, Costco and Walmart manufacture their own brands of toilet paper. More »

As of 2015, some of the brands of septic safe toilet paper include Angel Soft, Coleman, Charmin, Green Forest and Seventh Generation. Other septic safe toilet papers include Camco, Thetford Aqua Soft, Marcal Small Steps ... More »

A good way to get coupons for free toilet paper is to visit the websites of different toilet paper brands. Many of them have a coupons or discounts page that lists coupons for free toilet paper or other promotions. Other... More »