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Besides being extremely nutritious, cabbage is also a natural diuretic. Diuretics help your body get rid of salt and water mainly by stimulating your kidneys to release sodium into your urine ...


Diuretics help improve your rate of urination. They are often used to flush the body of toxins and salt and to help with various health maladies that may cause water retention. Though diuretic medications like pamabrom and thiazide will work effectively, some fruits offer similar diuretic effects.


Consuming foods to combat water retention allows for the natural treatment of excess fluids that can cause body swelling and edema. There are a variety of diuretics available on the market that require a prescription, but fruits and other foods are sometimes natural diuretics that work without any pharmaceutical intervention and can be easily ...


The yummy yellow fruit is high in digestive enzymes and is a natural diuretic, according to Liana Werner-Gray, author of The Earth Diet. Pineapples are a versatile diuretic since you can eat them as is, juice them, or add them to smoothies.


Most people think of drugs and herbs when diuretics are mentioned. However, foods can also be diuretics too. Foods that can help reduce swelling are diuretics and they are just as safe and effective as diuretic herbs. Read on to find out which foods are the best natural diuretics and what other health benefits they can provide.


11 Foods That Are Natural Diuretics. A diuretic is a substance or food that increases the production of urine, meaning you’ll be visiting the bathroom more often during the day. Diuretics can be bought as supplements, but there are plenty of foods that have exactly the same effect.


There are many options for people who have trouble with traditional diuretics or would prefer a natural alternative. Foods such as berries, beverages such as tea, and herbs such as dandelion all ...


Natural diuretics are foods, herbs and supplements that act as diuretics to prevent fluid buildup and decrease bloating. Adding a few servings of natural diuretics into your diet could help prevent kidney stones, decrease PCOS symptoms, treat bloating and ascites, lower blood pressure and promote proper filtration in the kidneys.


While they’re delicious and enjoyable, they’re also extremely nutritious and benefit the body in more ways than one. Since the popular fruit made this list, you can probably guess that it’s a great natural diuretic. That’s because watermelons are 92 percent water and contain nutrients that stimulate urination.


Diuretics can be drugs, but some foods and drinks act as natural diuretics. Doctors can prescribe diuretic medication. There are also many foods and drinks that work as diuretics.