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If you are making your laminate flooring a DIY project, you might wonder what is the right direction to install my laminate flooring? When deciding the direction to install laminate flooring, you have to consider your space, lighting and decor. The best way to decide is to lay out the floor and visualize what looks best.


The direction in which you lay your laminate floor can have an effect on how it looks, how long it takes to finish laying and the amount of money spend on it. Therefore, it is important to find the perfect direction when laying your laminate flooring.


I would do one direction, vertically in your drawing. Sometimes floors have a slight dip or waviness between joints. If you run laminate flooring perpendicular to the the joists, it can "float" over differences a little better than if you ran it parallel to the joists. I know, if the floor is too bad, it should be leveled.


Which Direction Do I Lay Laminate Flooring? As a general rule, laminate flooring should be laid in the same direction as the longest wall in the room. If the room happens to be square, the floor boards should run in the direction of the room's light source.


Until recently, the direction in which laminate and hardwood flooring was laid depended upon the method of installation. For example, with the glue-down method, the installer had to start at the wall facing the entrance, and with the nail-down method the flooring planks had to be nailed down parallel to the floor joist.


But as a general rule, laying the boards in the manner I've shown below is a good go-by. Yet another exception - if you have solid wood floors (not engineered) on a pier and beam foundation, then you don't have a lot of choice as far as which direction to run the flooring, It would best be run perpendicular to the joists. We have mostly slab ...


While personal preference is a factor, the direction in which you run hardwood flooring boards is governed by visual and structural guidelines. Visual congruity usually requires the boards to run ...


I bought laminate and was going to install it myself and the store recommended installing the planks parallel to the front door because the bedroom doI bought laminate and was going to install it myself and the store recommended installing the planks parallel to the front door because the bedroom do ... Is there a "wrong" direction to lay ...