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The countries that make up the G20 are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russia ...


The G20 (or Group of Twenty) is an international forum for the governments and central bank governors from 19 countries and the European Union (EU). Founded in 1999 with the aim to discuss policy pertaining to the promotion of international financial stability, the G20 has expanded its agenda since 2008 and heads of government or heads of state, as well as finance ministers and foreign ...


The group of 20 (G20) summit holds this year in Hangzhou, China. The summit is said to be the political equivalent of the Olympics. The G20 is an international forum for governments and central bank governors from 20 major economies, but many do not know what countries are members.


The forum was originally formed in 1999. The G20 is made up of a group of nations with the most advanced and emergency economies in the world. These countries make up about 85% of global GDP, over 75% of global trade, and approximately two-thirds of the world’s total population. These nations also make up about half of the earth’s total ...


"The G20 has its origin in the 1998 Asian economic crisis. One year later, the finance ministers and central bankers of the most important global economies convened in Berlin, Germany, at a meeting co-sponsored by the finance minister of Canada and the finance minister of Germany.


Instead, the G20 president is responsible for bringing together the G20 agenda in consultation with other members and in response to developments in the global economy. To ensure continuity, the presidency is supported by a “troika” made up of the current, immediate past and next host countries.


What is the G20? T he Group of Twenty (G20) is an international forum that brings together the world's 20 leading industrialised and emerging economies. The group accounts for 85 per cent of world ...


G20 2017 countries: Who are the members of the G20? THE G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany takes place this weekend, with thousands of riled up protesters set to march against Donald Trump and ...


What Are the G20 Countries? In addition to the European Union, the 19 countries that make up the G20 (Group of Twenty) are Japan, Italy, Indonesia, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Canada, France, Germany, China, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, South Korea, the United States and India.


The G8, or Group of Eight, is a slightly outdated name for the annual meeting of the top global economic powers. Conceived in 1973 as a forum for world leaders, the G8 has, for the most part, been replaced by the G20 forum since about 2008.