The Republic of the Fiji Islands is a country located in the continent of Oceania and has a land area of 18,333 square kilometers. As of 2012, Fiji has a population of 876,000 people with 167,000 living in the capital ci... More »

Fiji is not geographically considered to be part of one of the seven continents but is considered a part of Oceania. Oceania is the name of the area in the central and south Pacific ocean consisting of several island cou... More »

Iceland is part of the European continent. This volcanic island country, which is separated from mainland Europe, lies in both the Northern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere. More » Geography Europe

Vanuatu is not located on a continent; it is an island located in Oceania. It is located in the Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and the east coast of the Australian continent. More »

The smallest country in Asia is the Republic of Maldives, a country which lies in the Indian ocean region made up of over 1,192 coral islands spread over 90,000 square kilometers. The Maldives total land area is 298 squa... More »

The smallest continent in the world is Australia/Oceania, with an area of approximately 8,112,000 square kilometers. Australia/Oceania, also called Australasia/Oceania, consists of different islands, including Australia,... More »

The Republic of Singapore is a sovereign country. Singapore can also be described as a city-state, as it is made up of one main island and roughly 50 smaller islands. More »