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The top five sunniest places to live in the UK “As a lettings platform, we hear many reasons why people want to move property. Our customers tell us they need a larger home for a growing family or, conversely, are looking to downsize as the children have left home.


Where Is the Sunniest Place in England? As of 2014, Bognor Regis in West Sussex holds the title as being the sunniest place in England, while Eastborne in East Sussex is not far behind. Boasting over 1,902 hours of sunshine annually, this city outshines its closest competitors of neighboring Worthing and Shanklin on the Isle of Wight.


The south is the sunniest part of England. Cities along the southern coast like Brighton and Eastbourne are sunnier vacation spots in England. Also, Cornwall in the southwest gets some decent sun and actually has palm trees.


UK heatwave: Top 10 sunniest cities in the UK revealed - Which city is near you? A HEATWAVE is spreading across the UK this week with some parts of the country experiencing highs of 26 degrees.


Britain's warmest places. As we head towards another balmy weekend across Britain, we take a look at where the best places to go may be if you like it really hot.


If you include places off the UK mainland then Jersey is the sunniest. It is difficult to find a hotspot that combines the three because within south-east England (the driest and sunniest region) sunshine and rainfall totals at individual locations are actually positively correlated, with the south coast being much wetter and sunnier than areas ...


Jeremy Plester on the Sussex resort of Bognor Regis, where the sun shines, on average, for more hours in a year than anywhere else in the country


Re: The 10 sunniest (and wettest) places to live in the UK. We are not on any of the lists but it sure rains a lot here.


The sunniest place in the UK is the Isle of Wight where residents enjoy an average of 36.9 hours of sunshine a week. This is above the national average of 29.7 hours per week.


These regional climates summarise the characteristics of the climate of 11 regions of the UK. Their aim is to describe the main features of each region's climate and they should not be considered as a comprehensive review of all aspects of a region's climate or weather event history. Their focus is ...