Siberia is a vast land region that is located in Russia's central and eastern regions, which also is part of Asia's northern region. Siberia is approximately 5.2 million square miles. Siberia is bordered on its western s... More »

Siberia is a large region in Asian Russia that extends east from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, and from the Arctic Ocean to the Mongolian border in the south. Siberia is divided into five geographical areas. More » Geography Russia

Part of Russia is in Europe, and part is in Asia. Russia is the largest country in the world and extends from Eastern Europe to the North Pacific Ocean. European Russia refers to the western portion of Russia that spans ... More » Geography Russia

Russia is in the northern hemisphere in Eurasia's northern region. Some of its bordering neighbors are North Korea, China, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Mongolia. Russia is the world's largest nation. More » Geography Russia

Russia is on the continents of Asia and Europe, according to The European part of Russia extends from its western border with Ukraine, Belarus, Finland and other European countries to the Ural Mountains. The a... More » Geography Russia

Russia spans the continents of Asia and Europe. European Russia is the region located west of the Ural Mountains, and this region tends to have more cultural and political ties with Europe than Asia. Russia's capital, Mo... More » Geography Russia

Russia is in both Europe and Asia, spanning the continental divide marked by the Ural Mountains. European Russia is west of the Ural Mountains, while Asian Russia is to the east. Although most of Russia is in Asia, some ... More »