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I will give you my experience with Minoxidil 5%: 1. When I started using it, the Hair fall increased initially. This typically happens when you start using Minoxidil. Also, there was some itching. 2. After a month or so, the Hair fall reduced to a...


Minoxidil – more commonly known by the brand name Rogaine – is the only topically-applied hair loss treatment approved by the FDA.Various trials have shown it to be effective at regrowing hair. However, no one actually knows how it works and doubts have been raised about how effective it is in the long term.


While minoxidil has been clinically proven to slow the progression of hair loss and regrow some hair, most experts see it as a relatively marginally effective drug in the fight against hair loss ...


Minoxidil (Rogaine) is the only drug which is FDA-approved to treat female pattern baldness. It works by stopping hair loss and in some cases, it can even help regrow new hair.


Summary Introduction. Yes, Rogaine, with the FDA Approved Minoxidil works well to reduce hair fall as well as promotes new hair growth. There are 100s of well-documented success stories from both men and women, about how Minoxidil 2% (for women) and 5% (for men), have helped them regain lost hair and of course, confidence.


As always, treatments have the best chance of being effective if they are geared to the cause of the hair loss as well as to triggering hair growth. Minoxidil (Rogaine)


Rogaine can’t grow hair on completely bald scalps or in the frontal hairline areas. It has been found to be somewhat effective in maintaining or growing hair in the crown area (the top back of the head). However, Rogaine is only effective at delaying hair loss. It is also more effective in women than in men.


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Though minoxidil is known to be effective in treating hair loss and helps regrow hair, it is less effective when there is a large area of hair loss in the scalp. It is also known that it is only useful in case of central or vertex hair loss. We will know more about if minoxidil can regrow hair in our following paragraphs.


Men using Rogaine for facial hair growth started years ago at a place called Jeff’s Beard Board (used to be the first forum for men discussing the possibility of applying Rogaine to their faces) and has continued on Reddit, where there is an active subreddit called r/MinoxBeards.