Brandy Melville clothing is made in Italy. Brandy Melville makes clothes for women of all ages and the brand is available throughout Europe and in major cities throughout the United States. More »

The cheapest Brandy Melville stickers offered online as of 2015 can be found at Many independent merchants also offer Brandy Melville stickers. To purchase from individuals selling stickers, similar prices... More » Technology Internet & Networking

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Brandi Melville is an Italian clothing company popular among teenagers as well as young adults. The company's focus group consists of teenage girls tasked with researching and choosing new styles for the brand. The compa... More » World View Social Sciences Cultures & Traditions

In 1841, at the age of 21, Herman Melville began his second voyage aboard a merchant ship. His voyage on the whaler Acushnet took him from Massachusetts around Cape Horn to the South Pacific Ocean. More » Art & Literature Literature Classics

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