The sky ends at the Karman line, which is located at about 67 miles above sea level. Above this line, space begins. However, technically, the sky does not end so much as the atmosphere, or sky, thins until there is no ox... More »

In the short story "A Horseman in the Sky," Carter Druse is able to override his aversion toward killing the Confederate scout by recalling the advice of his father. The irony is that the scout turns out to be Carter Dru... More »

Players can play Pokémon Flash games online at This website offers several Pokemon games, including "Pokémon Flash" and "Pokémon Sky Jump" for free play. More »

The lower boundary of outer space has been adjusted numerous times, but a final value was set at what is known as the Karman line, which is fixed at 62 miles above sea level, according to Universe Today. This boundary wa... More » Science Astronomy Stellar Astronomy

At sea level in Washington, D.C., the moon appeared above the horizon at midnight on August 17, 2014. At the same location on the same day, Mars rose above the horizon at 1:57 in the afternoon, but it was not visible unt... More » Science Astronomy

Although a shooting star looks like a star shooting across the sky, it's actually a meteor, or small rock that hits Earth's atmosphere. Because of the speed at which the meteor, or meteoroid, is traveling it burns and re... More »

The planet Venus is the brightest object in the western sky. At its brightest, Venus is almost 10 times brighter than Jupiter, the sky's second brightest object. More » Science Astronomy