The Greek goddess Hera lives on Mount Olympus. She is queen of the gods and is a member of the 12 most powerful gods in the pantheon. As the goddess of marriage and childbirth, she is the patroness of married women and g... More »

Zeus was both Hera's husband and also her brother. Due to Zeus' trickery and infidelity, the marriage between Zeus and Hera was often turbulent and chaotic. More »

As Queen of the Olympians and wife of Zeus, Hera's special powers were varied and far-reaching; transmogrification, asexual reproduction, disguise, banishing mortals to Hades and the summoning of fierce and legendary cre... More »

Hercules was a mythological hero who lived in Greece; after he died he was brought by Athena to live on Mount Olympus with the gods, while the mortal part of him went to the Elysian Fields to live with the heroes. Hercul... More »

The Greek god Hermes lived on Mount Olympus. He is known as the messenger god and acts as a link between the gods and mortals. His Roman counterpart is Mercury. More »

Greek mythology states that the goddess Athena resided on Mount Olympus with the 11 other main gods and goddesses. Mount Olympus has an elevation of 9,577 feet, and is the highest mountain peak in Greece. More »

Hera's fears are not specifically addressed as such in Greek mythology. However, her actions suggest that she feared the loss of her husband and power. More »