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A TENS uses two or four electrodes with cross currents to surround the area. ... is designed to treat more of the muscle area than the nerves. ... How to use a TENS / EMS Unit for Tennis Elbow ...


Where Do You Place TENS Electrodes to Treat Tennis Elbow? Place TENS electrodes in close proximity to the site of the pain. Do not allow the pads to touch each other, and place them at least 1 inch apart. Make a note of where the pain is located; pinpointing the source of the pain is helpful in electrode placement. Always use the pads in pairs ...


TENS Unit Pad Placement for Tennis Elbow. TENS unit pad placement for tennis elbow is also flexible. You can try placing two electrode pads above the elbow and two below, creating a square around the elbow. Or, place one larger pad directly above the elbow and one below. Adjust the pads accordingly to find the placement that targets your ...


Once your elbow starts feeling better you will be able to add some light strengthening exercises. TENS Unit for Tennis Elbow Some therapists may apply ice and electrical stimulation- Tens Units to ease pain and improve healing of the tendon. Electrodes applied to the skin deliver low voltage intermittent stimulation to surface nerves in the skin.


Try placing the 2 pads above the elbow and 2 below. Basically you are surrounding the elbow: I will typically use the TENS unit for about 20 minutes. While using the TENS I will also put an ice pack over the electrode pads to help with pain and inflammation. Do not worry. It is perfectly safe to place an ice pack while you are using a TENS unit.


A TENS / EMS Unit can be a great tool for helping to relieve tennis elbow & golfer's elbow pain. Here are some pad placements to relieve different types of elbow pain. Some common elbow injuries that may benefit from a TENS/EMS unit include things like golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, sprains, strains, tendonitis, bursitis, and general arthritis.


How Do I Place my TENs Machine’s Electrode Pads for my Tennis Elbow. To handle pain related to the elbow, the electrode pads should be placed on the outside of the elbow as the image suggests. Two pads are enough in treating your tennis elbow, but if you have more pads to spare, you can put one on the inside of the joint as well.


I have recently bought a tens machine but wonder if anyone can tell me where I place the pads to relieve tennis elbow. I have one diagram showing the 4 pads that my tens machine comes with that a positive pad is placed on the back of the neck and then negative is place on the back of the elbow with the remaining 2 pads placed either side of the wrist.


Elbow pain is a very common issue amongst those that constantly are moving and using their arms. Because using the elbow is inevitable, relieving the pain is crucial. TENS units are the perfect tool to treat elbow pain, whether its short term or chronic pain. When it comes to treating pain, TENS therapy can help.


The electrode placement diagrams shown here display electrodes for a 2-Channel Venti TENS unit, which uses 4 total electrodes – 2 electrodes per channel. When a patient is using a unit at home, it’s important for them to follow the recommendations of this TENS Unit Electrode Placement Guide, but also follow the directions of their ...