The serial number on a Schwinn bicycle made in Chicago can be found engraved into the frame near the pedals. On a bicycle made in Japan, the serial number may be engraved on the frame near the pedals, on the headlug or o... More »

Schwinn bicycle serial numbers are located on the underside of the bike, on the opposite side of the location of the service sticker. This is the metal space that connects the pedals. Schwinn serial numbers begin with "I... More »

Most bicycle manufacturers print the serial number under the bottom bracket that connects the two pedal cranks. The bicycle needs to be turned upside down to read the number. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Biking & Cycling Bicycles

A two-person bicycle is type of tandem bicycle, usually equipped with two seats and two sets of pedals, with riders aligned along the frame. The earliest known patented design of a tandem bike belonged to Danish inventor... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Biking & Cycling Bicycles

Bikes have a unique serial number that are engraved on the bike frames, usually under the bottom brackets where the pedals meet. Closely examine all of the bike components -- the serial number could be engraved in one of... More »

The model year of a Schwinn bike produced in 1948 or later can be determined by locating the bike's serial number and comparing it to a serial number and date chart. Serial number information from before 1948 was lost in... More »

Remove bike pedals by loosening them using a pedal spanner or an Allen key, depending on the pedal brands. The 15-millimeter pedal spanner is used to remove flat and Shimano pedals, while the Allen key loosens the pedals... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Biking & Cycling Bicycles