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Websites such as NotraryClasses.com and NotariesUnlimited.com provide free practice California notary exams. NotaryClasses offers classes, Web seminars and home study texts for a fee but makes the practice exams available at no charge. HowToBecomeANotaryInNY.com and Com...


The Pennsylvania Department of State provides sample documents using notary language on its website for acknowledgements, oaths, depositions, affidavits and certificates. Before each example, the website provides a brief definition for each document type.


State government agencies offer practice exams in addition to licensing notary publics. Also, private test preparation services offer practice exams.


Most major banks and many UPS stores offer notary services for free or for a small fee. Online sources such as TheBestNotary.net, Notary Rotary, 123Notary, American Society of Notaries and Live Notary Network contain listings of notaries in certain locations. Each site ...


Prepare for a notary public exam by studying the exam handbook, studying notary public laws and recent cases, studying possible scenarios and taking practice tests. A notary public is responsible for verifying signatures on legal documents, and most states require appli...


Notary sample letters are available for download at BestSampleLetters.com and AtYourBusiness.com. BestSamleLetters.com offers a general sample format for a notary statement that can be modified and personalized according to specific requirements.


Notaries public are commissioned by the states, and thus there is no single entity through which notary forms can be attained. In most states, the office of the Secretary of State regulates notaries and is where the relevant paperwork would be found, according to the Na...