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The Child Support Services Division has an Online Case Lookup (OCL) system that allows customers to access their child support case information over the internet. Information such as payments, obligations, parentage and upcoming court hearings is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by using the OCL application.


Where Do You Find Child Support Case Numbers? Custodial or noncustodial parents may contact local, state or tribal child support agency via the government website of the Office of Child Support Enforcement, states OCSE. An online tool allows users to choose the state of residence or state that is overseeing the child support case.


The case number will appear on forms received from the Child Support Office as the IV-D or TCSES case number. You may also contact the Child Support Disbursement Unit at (615) 253-4394 (local) or 1-800-838-6911 (toll free) to obtain your case number.


Child Support Offices. Depending on the service you require, your case may be handled in one of several offices in the state. Child Support office locations are provided below. Feel free to visit the Child Support office nearest you. Although that office may not handle your actual case, the office staff will be able to accept documentation and ...


You may obtain this information from your local child support office or the circuit clerk in the county that issued your order. What happens if I do not specify case and/or order number? If the case and/ or order number are not specified, the funds for each payment will be prorated across all your child support cases and orders.


Child support case numbers are handled differently than all other case numbers, so they don't show up properly online. You can either call the clerk's office for your case number or call the Child Support Enforcement Division of the Florida Department of Revenue.


Search for your case on your county's clerk of court website. These websites usually allow you to look up civil and criminal court cases. If you don't have a case number, do a name search. When you find your case, write down the case number.


You will need your child support case number and your social security number to make a payment. Enter the 10 digit case number by using leading zeros (e.g. 0000221133). If you do not know your child support case number, please call the Kidsline at (800) 840-8757 or (317) 233-5437.


The system prompts you to select a language (English or Spanish). You can then either select to hear your total balance due information or obtain your county Child Support Enforcement Agency's phone number and address (which you can do at any time by pressing option 1 or 8 from the IVR Main Menu).


Members of the public are entitled to be treated with respect, courtesy, and professionalism when interacting with the Department of Revenue. Public records requests do not have to be made in writing, unless a specific statute requires otherwise. In that case, the statute imposing such a requirement shall be cited.