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Rabbits live on all continents, except Antarctica. They are most prominent in North America, with approximately 50 percent of the entire population living there.


Rabbits can live between five and 15 years. The lifespan of a rabbit depends on a number of factors, including its breed, the environment in which it lives, and weather conditions.


According to Rabbit Matters, rabbits living in forests live in subterranean burrows called warrens. Each warren houses up to 11 adult rabbits at a time. Many rabbit species live in other environments, including deserts, plains and wetlands. The overwhelming majority of ...


Lagomorpha, the mammalian order including hares, rabbits and pikas, evolved in Asia more than 40 million years ago. The break-up of continents may be responsible for the distribution of rabbit species. European rabbits, Oryctolagus cuniculus, originated in modern-day Sp...


The origin of the European rabbit traces back to the Iberian Peninsula and parts of France. There are 80 different species of rabbit that exist in areas around the world today, all of which evolved from the European rabbit .


Wild rabbits and pet rabbits can live outside during the winter, because they do not typically hibernate during these months. Their thick coats allow them to stay outside during the cold months, but it does not completely protect them from all of the elements.


Dwarf rabbits live between five and 15 years. Neutered rabbits live longer because the procedure can help to prevent some genetic diseases. The best diet for dwarf rabbits is fresh hay, rabbit pellets and fresh greens.