On-line retailers that offer linens and bedding, such as Cuddledown.com, often include a reference chart with standard dimensions for duvet or comforter covers. Other sources are do-it-yourself sites such as Buyfabrics.c... More »

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Although duvet cover sizes may vary depending on manufacturer, various bedding stores such as Crane & Canopy, The Company Store and Bed Bath & Beyond offer duvet sizing charts on their websites. Crane & Canopy also offer... More »

TimsBoots.com, WesternBootSales.com and BootOutfitters.com all offer boot size charts online for those looking for a snug fit, as of 2015. WesternBootSales.com also provides conversion charts for non-U.S. sizing. More »

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When sewing your own bedding, you can reference a bedding size chart to help determine the amount of fabric you need. As of 2016, Generations-Quilt-Patterns.com offers a free chart of standard bedding sizes generally use... More »

Checking with reputable linen and bedding companies through their online portals is an easy way to find size charts for each company's pillows. Each manufacturer sizes pillows according to its own specifications. More »

Some of the types of bedding sets available for purchase at Linens N Things include comforter sets, sheet sets, duvet covers, kids bedding and luxury bedding sets. Other bedding items available at Linens N Things include... More »

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The typical king size duvet is approximately 108 inches by 94 inches. However, because king size beds vary in size, the matching duvets also show a fair amount of variation in size. King size duvets can range from 102 in... More »