Hickory trees grow east of the Mississippi River in zones 4 through 8. A type of hickory, the pecan, is native to southern states and grows west of the Mississippi and as far south as Texas. The hickory is a member of th... More »

Identify hickory trees by inspecting the leaves for certain characteristics, such as serrated edges and an alternating pattern of leaf shapes and sizes. A single hickory leaf stalk, or rachis, can possess anywhere from f... More »

Bitternut hickory, black willow, white oak and American beech trees all grow in Virginia. A comprehensive guide to tree species in Virginia is available on the Virginia Department of Forestry website. More »

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Figs grow best in hardiness zones 8 through 10, but some cultivars are more cold tolerant. Figs historically grew throughout a swath of land stretching from Turkey to India. However, they have spread throughout the world... More »

Most varieties of almond trees grow best in climate zones five through nine. Almond trees grow well in warmer climates, and each variety grows best in a particular zone. More »

Trees grow as a result of the formation and division of cells in meristems and by conducting photosynthesis and absorbing nutrients and water through their root systems. Cells in the cambium layer divide and grow to form... More »

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To grow a dwarf citrus tree, plant the tree in a container several inches wider than its roots, changing containers as necessary while the tree grows. Protect the tree from wind, cold temperatures and excess water, using... More »

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