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Find the model number for a Moen kitchen faucet on the faucet's original package or in the original instruction manual. If neither of these items is available, look for the faucet's series number, which is typically located near the back bottom of the base of the spout.


Exact model numbers can be found on your box or on your instruction sheet. If unavailable, you may find the general family series number on the back of the spout (non pullout). The series number will not be the exact model number, but it will be helpful when used in conjunction with the faucet image shown in our Replacement Part Locator. Some ...


Perhaps you need to identify a Moen single handled kitchen faucet model so that you can include its name in a description for potential home buyers, or perhaps you need to identify it because you need to get a part for it. Whatever your reason, even though Moen literally has hundreds of single...


If you point your spout aerator (where the water comes out) so that it is facing the 3 o'clock position, the series number should be located on the opposite side at the 9 o'clock position. The model/series number is usually a four or five digit number beginning with "7" or "8" and may be followed by letters.


Find the model number of your existing kitchen faucet if you want to replace it with the same or a similar model. This may be printed somewhere on the faucet. Some manufacturers also have online applications that allow you to describe the faucet and determine its model number.


Moen kitchen faucet - how to find model? Author: wrbriggs (VT) I have a problem with a Moen kitchen faucet with a side-sprayer - for a few weeks, the side-sprayer has sprayed at about half power while the faucet still ran; now, the faucet does not work at all, but the side-sprayer still does.


I have a kitchen faucet that turns into a sprayer. I need to replace the hose and a fitting on it. This should have been easy but nowhere on the faucet is there a model number or make of and this is needed to ensure getting the right part


Moen kitchen faucets come in different shapes and sizes, so you can be sure to find the right model for your kitchen among them. Whether you’re looking for a pull-down model or just a simple one with two handles, you can rest assured to find a good one produced by Moen.


The Parts & Support tab also provides specification sheets, installation instructions, parts diagrams and replacement parts. If you do not know the model number, provide as much information as you can on Moen's Replacement Parts page, such as the room the faucet is in, the type of finish and the number of handles.


The most common place to find the model number is on the label of the box you purchased the faucet in. (We suggest you write this number on your warranty card for later use if you disguard the box). If you do not have the box or paperwork, try scrolling through our faucets found on this website for a visual identification.