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The U.S. Army Reserve is a part-time military branch that the Army and Joint Forces Command can mobilize in times of war or for peacetime disaster relief. The branch trains reserve soldiers in a variety of areas, including aviation, engineering, medicine, communications and logistics.


The United States Army Reserve Command commands all of America's Army Reserve units. U.S. Army Reserve Command 4710 Knox Street, Fort Bragg, N.C. 28310-5010 . Geographic Commands. 1st Mission Support Command Wilson Road, BLDG 353-1 Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico 00934 Media Inquiries: 787-707-4988:


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You can locate an Army Reserve unit through the official United States Army Reserve website. As of 2015, click on the Commands tab on the home page at www.usar.army.mil. Select among... EXPLORE OTHER CATEGORIES


How to Locate an Army Reserve Unit By Marshall Moore ; Updated October 04, 2017 With 30 individual command units in charge of nearly 1,700 subordinate units, the United States Army Reserve has installations and facilities throughout both the United States and the world.


These changes transformed the Organized Reserve into the United States Army Reserve, from 9 July 1952. This new organization was divided into a Ready Reserve, Standby Reserve, and Retired Reserve. Army Reserve units were authorized twenty-four inactive duty training days a year and up to seventeen days of active duty (called annual training).


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How can I locate a new reserve unit and what vacancies they have to transfer?: I need to locate a unit so I can put in my transfer the retention person for my unit told me to go to the HRC website and click vacancy search. However nowhere on the website do I see a vacancy search. I am completely lost on the site and have no idea where to go.


How do you look up your units UIC if its unknown?: In a recent issue that I've encountered, not mine but a fellow NCO, the question came up of "what is our units UIC?" Now past experience tells me I can go to other fellow NCO's, senior NCO's, S-1 and even the internet to research it, but where does the UIC stem from and how would one go about looking it up just in case trust ...


Forward Units. The 7th U.S. Army Reserve is set up to train and have ready reserves to support the military in Europe. With a motto of "All Ready, Already Here," the 7th and its units are constantly helping reserve personnel get up to speed for foreign assignments.