Barking dog sound clips are available at, and The sites offer barking dog clips featuring little dogs, big dogs, multiple dogs. and dogs growling and barking in the same clip. More » Technology Internet & Networking

A sound clip of a giraffe can be found on Muvee. While some believe that giraffes do not have vocal chords, adult giraffes simply choose to use their vocal chords rarely. Baby giraffes, however, make squawking noises, pa... More » offers over 200 free violin sound clips to registered users of the site as of 2015. All sounds are available in WAV or MP3 format. hosts over 1,000 free user-submitted violin sound clips in a ... More » Hobbies & Games Playing Music Musical Instruments

Free sound files in waveform audio file format are available on, and Movie Sounds Central. As of October 2015, has more than 7,000 sound files available for free. These files ar... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To end your dog's problem barking, approach your dog with a calm assertive presence and hush the dog until he submits. Position your body as a wall between a stimulus that is repeatedly associated with problem barking as... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

Stop a barking dog by ignoring him while he is barking in order to teach him that barking does not earn attention. During quiet times, reward him with treats. This can take several hours of dedicated effort. More »

Methods of stopping a dog from barking depend on why the dog barks. If the dog is barking for attention, one option is to ignore the barking and give the dog what he wants when he is finally quiet, or to train the dog to... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs