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Teachers should register at PGSchoolPrograms.com and need a school PIN number. Puberty kits for are intended for students starting in the fifth through seventh grades. Deodorant samples appear to be in the boys' kits, but teachers can request enough deodorant samples for an entire class.


You can use Cinthol Energy Deo which is an alcohol-free & long-lasting deodorant for men. It is mild and safe for sensitive skin. My brother is allergic to those chemical deodorants so he prefers to use Cinthol which is safe on skin.


Where to buy Native deodorant. You can order Native deodorant directly from their site and purchase individual sticks or sample packs. And if you really love it, you can save 17% with their subscribe-and-save program and never worry about running out. Shipping can take up to seven days (but it's free!).


Stay fresh and dry all day! We carry deodorants and antiperspirants for both men and women in clean scents with guaranteed protection. Shop your favorite brands for less with $1 deodorants, body powders, and deodorant sprays in a variety of sizes.


If you are reporting a problem with one of our products, please be sure to include your address and a telephone number where you can be reached during the day so we can contact you for further information. Unilever does not collect personal information from children under 13. * indicates required information


Discover Degree's full range of deodorants and antiperspirants, facts about sweat, tips on how to prevent sweat stains and stop body odor, and much more!


Discover legendary products for men: deodorants, antiperspirants and fragrances. Old Spice - improve your mansmells.


With the help of this DIY spray deodorant recipe, you can spray yourself with deodorant that is free of harmful ingredients and chemicals!. DIY Spray Deodorant Recipe. Let me say right upfront that I am not advocating that you give up deodorant. Nope, I’m a big fan of deodorant both for myself and others. 😉 What I am not a fan of is irritated skin and potentially harmful ingredients ...


Designed by teachers, school nurses and physicians, our kits, handouts and supporting brochures can bolster your puberty and development curriculum with the most relevant content available. Guide and educate your 5th or 6th grade and 7th grade & up students with our best-in-class educational materials.


Can Deodorant Cause Cancer? by ... a new English study published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology found that antiperspirant and deodorant users and women who never used these products had similar levels of ... added to many cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products, and have been detected in nearly all human blood and urine samples. It’s ...