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African-American inventor Lloyd P. Ray was born in 1860. His wife, Emma J. Ray, was born in 1859. Lloyd P. Ray was an inventor who created an improved version of the standard dustpan. Ray's dustpan received a patent on Aug. 3, 1897.


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African-American inventor Lloyd Ray (born in 1860) patented a new and useful improvement in dustpans. Very little is known about the background and life of Lloyd Ray, but it is clear that he had the ability to think outside of the box to solve problems. In this case, the problem was twofold—cleaning became a very dirty activity if you had to ...


Lloyd P. Ray died in Seattle, Washington on April 25, 1940 of a natural death. He was best known for being an african-american inventor in the 1900's.


Lloyd P. Ray was born in 1860 and was an African American inventor. He was responsible for making the dust pan that is attached to a handle. He received the patent for this device in August of 1897.


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Before Lloyd Ray patented his invention, anyone cleaning a room or a hall simply swept dirt, dust or trash out of a door onto the ground outside or used a piece of paper in order to collect it.Ray created a device with a metal collection plate attached to a short wooden handle in which trash could be swept without getting one’s hands dirty.


Twice Sold, Twice Ransomed: Autobiography of Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Ray. by Emma J. Ray, b. 1859 and Lloyd P. Ray, b. 1860


Later Life Dust pan was invented and patented in 1897 Extremely useful tool; helped people cleaning their homes Became the 587,607th U.S. patent Early Adulthood Born on February 8th, 1860 Lived in Kentucky Town Texas with 16 siblings Mother had been a slave When Lloyd turned 10,


Science and Technology: African Inventors in the Americas ... Born July 1891, John Standard was born in New Jersey. ... Lloyd P. Ray received U.S. Patent No. 587,607 on August 3, 1897 for a new and useful improvement in dust pans. Ray's device included a metal collection plate that trash could be swept into, attached to a short wooden handle. ...