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How to Plant Mums. Chrysanthemums are a very hardy flower that don't need a lot of tending to bloom and make your yard look beautiful! Make sure you plant your mums in an area with full sun and good air circulation. You can plant mums in...


Florist mums planted outside are most likely being used as short-term bedding plants that will be removed when the blooms are spent. You can plant a potted florist mum you receive as a gift, and it may grow for the summer, but it will not survive the winter outside, no matter how much protection you give it.


Once you have the right kind of garden mums, planting at the right time is the other crucial step to helping them survive winter. If you typically plant garden mums when you clean out your containers after frost, you might as well toss them on the compost pile.


When Do You Plant Mums? Mums should ideally be planted from March through July to keep them from dying of frost over the winter. It is possible to plant them anytime from spring to fall, but the earlier they are in the ground the deeper their root systems grow, making their chances of survival much higher. ...


Do this in the spring. Pick plants that are at least 6 inches tall. Be careful to not damage the roots. Replant at least 18 inches apart. Seeds: Mums can grow from seeds, but it is best if you use purchased seeds. If you attempt to plant seeds from your own plants (most are hybrids), the resulting plant may not be true to the parent.


If you received a pot of mums and wonder if you can plant them outside, you can as long as you provide a proper location for them to continue growing. SF Gate; Home Guides. by Demand Media. News ...


The right chrysanthemum flowers for your garden will come from a diverse selection of hardy or garden mums. When growing mums, you’ll find plants that are dwarf to giant, in colors from white and yellow to the deepest burgundy and purple.


To care for mums, water them often, but make sure any excess water drains from the soil so that the plant isn't standing in water. When you water the flowers, use a 20-10-20 fertilizer if they aren't blooming, or a 10-20-10 fertilizer if they are.


If you’re planting mums as perennials, it’s best to start in spring in full sun to give roots a chance to get established. Plant the mums in well-draining soil, making sure to leave 6-12 inches between each plant and water frequently. Before winter, protect the mums by covering plants with several inches of mulch.


Fall mums in containers need to be planted in the ground BEFORE the first hard frost ! WATERING Fall mums should never be allowed to wilt…especially newly transplanted plants. Check your mums every other day for watering until you become familiar with their needs, particularly during dry spells. Be sure to thoroughly water-in your new ...