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Sakura KISS Naruto in shippuden 250 !!!!! oooo myyy goood a lot of FAN of this couple wait for that !!! For the moment we just have a picture but when the episode will be ready to watch WE WILL ...


8 People Who Kisses Naruto Before Hinata Naruto Kiss Moment created by animescenefight naruto, anime, naruto shippuden, sakura, kiss, top anime, naruto and hinata, naruto uzumaki, naruto (comic ...


Do Naruto and Sakura kiss in Shippuden? I saw a video on youtube, from Shippuden, it's a fan-made amv of NaruSaku. And it shows this thing where Sakura is puckering her lips, and Naruto is doing the same. It's ACTUAL VIDEO. Is it true? If so, what ep is it?


In which episode of naruto do sakura and saskue kiss? Naruto and Sasuke kiss in original episode 3 and Shippuden episode 194. The sceen when Sakura gives Naruto the kiss of life isn't anime yet.


Not romantically, He try on chapter 3 but an upset stomach got the best of him.. During the war arc the cpr scene was made with a hidden double meaning.. The shortest version is a copy of Neo saving Trinity. Sakura’s text was double meaning so mos...


Naruto erased the Nine Tails' hatred , Nine Tails gives Naruto power, Naruto vs five Tailed Beast - Duration: 15:48. Naruto 「1080p」 4,232,857 views


Despite Naruto's romantic feelings for Sakura, she has never reciprocated. Sakura's interest is instead for Sasuke Uchiha, their former teammate. The relationship between Sakura and Naruto on Team 7 is a turbulent one. When the two of them were at the Academy, Sakura thought of Naruto as an annoyance as did most of their peers.


NO its not a lie they kiss towards the end of NARUTO SHIPPUDEN!!! i have the DVD and i watch it over and over its soooo cute!!! naruto and sakura DONT KISS EVER IN NARUTO OR NARUTO SHIPPUDEN ...


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When Sasuke defected from Konoha, Naruto, aware of her feelings for their former teammate, promised Sakura that he would do everything in his power to bring Sasuke back to her. Despite Naruto's failure, Sakura was inspired by his determination to fulfil his promise, and became Tsunade's apprentice to help Naruto retrieve Sasuke.